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19th-Dec-2005 03:59 pm - Class of 2010!
Friends, I hope to see you guys next year...

Because I got into Kenyon!



13th-Dec-2005 06:32 pm - Admission Replies
Hello guys.

The 15th is quickly approaching, and it's so close. I have a question, however. When you guys received your acceptance letters, did you guys receive it on the 15th or did you guys have to wait until the postman got it in your mailbox? Like around the 20th?

That is if you applied ED1. XP

Just wondering when I should be looking anxiously in my mailbox for the big (or small *gulp*) envelope from Gambier.

Send me good vibes, guys. I'll need 'em.


26th-Nov-2005 05:07 pm - Pictures
books - reading in library
So I stayed at Kenyon over Thanksgiving break. To ease the quietness of days stretching on in deserted Gambier, I went walking every day, and often took pictures. Since some of you haven't been able to make it to Kenyon yet, I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you all.

Disclaimer: These were all taken at the beginning of last week, before the snow arrived on Wednesday. I do have "snow" pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. Maybe later. :)

I'm going to put a few pictures under the cut, and if you're interested in more you can see the whole album here.

Autumn at KenyonCollapse )

If you have any questions, let me know!
14th-Nov-2005 08:20 am - Another question
self loathing, depressed, 3
I was wondering how active the Buddhist/Zen community at Kenyon is. Do you know ho often they meet/have meetings? Thanks!
13th-Nov-2005 08:31 pm - Greetings and hello!
self loathing, depressed, 3
Hello! I'm a prospective student, but I'm fully in love with Kenyon already; I just need to be accepted! I have visited the campus, and luckily live close enough that transportation isn't an issue. (25 minutes away by car) I'm thinking of double majoring in German and English, but I'm still open for possibilities. I could rant for a while on how much I already admire Kenyon, but instead I shall content myself with a question or two.

- How is the Russian department? Talking with one of the international language reps and from what I've seen here it seems great. How quickly does the fluency generally come? (I hope this isn't an odd question; I'm obsessed with speaking German and hope to do the same with Russian)

- Is it easy to get into the different clubs around campus? And (on average) how often do they meet?
13th-Nov-2005 01:44 pm - Drinking.
I know I'm gonna look like a complete fool posting this after saying I applied ED1, but I'm already a fool for not visiting - but that's because I'm low income. Sorry to say it. Applying for a travel grant isn't enough apparently, because they rejected that application because "there aren't enough". I don't know if that's because my GPA I put down isn't high enough or I hadn't taken the SAT at that point, but whatever.

I heard about the drinking culture at Kenyon before, but stupidly enough, I didn't think it would be such a big deal then. Now after having a college interview, the interviewer said something sent a zolt through my mind. He said I would have hated a certain college (not Kenyon) because the students would drink themselves to death on certain days. Is that what one means by Kenyon's "work hard, play hard" attitude?

I don't know. It's just that I don't drink and I heard that Kenyon College has a tremendous drinking culture. I'm wondering if this is true and if that would affect my being happy there if I attend.


10th-Nov-2005 05:04 pm - Applicant's Hello!
Greetings Kenyonites.

I hail from New Jersey and submitted my ED1 application awhile ago.

While I may be an Asian immigrant from South Korea, I am not your typical Asian. No offense to the math-science geeks out there but I wield a true writer's soul. I am a socially charming doofus with interests in the humanities. My prospective majors shall be English and a constant battle between Religion, Classics, and Art History. The prestigious literary tradition at Kenyon is what draws me to Gambier, I aspire to be many things - and being a respectable writer is one of them.

One of my best friends attends Kenyon as a sophomore. She lives in Gund. A friend from youth group goes to Kenyon as a freshman - Hi Jay! There's something special about Kenyon. If there's a school I would be proud to call my alma mater, it's Kenyon College.

However, I have a couple of inquiries:

1.) Is there a particular gaming culture at Kenyon? I heard otherwise. Like hopefully I can find people who are into Final Fantasy and RPGs, and maybe bug the network administrators enough to play World of Warcraft. But again, I heard otherwise. Which makes me sad. Indeed.

2.) What are the distribution requirements at Kenyon? I really hope it's more of an open academic curriculum. Mathematics is the bane of my existence. I wish to jump right into my literature, writing, classical, religious studies!

3.) How is the food? I heard Aramark got run outta' town. And no, I am not a vegetarian.

4.) How are the dorms? Enough room for a TV? A PS2? I heard Freshmen dorms are pretty grim.

5.) I heard since there are many talented writers at Kenyon, the competition to get into advanced fiction writing courses are fierce. Is this true? *gulp*

6.) Is it a friendly, welcoming place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students? I heard the frat scene is big, and although I have no intentions to pay to join any frat, I am wondering if being gay will hinder me making friends with other guys. Straight or gay. Jock or nerd. Being gay at my high school has caused a dearth in the number of male friends, and I want that to change.

7.) Is it hard to join a varsity sports team if you only played the sport one year in high school? Is the football team friendly? Will being gay also cause problems if I do join the team?

Sorry for so many questions but I would appreciate honest, helpful replies. Thanks.


(A brief and obvious introduction:)I'm a senior and am pretty sure i'm going to apply to Kenyon College.

I was just looking at the website and noticed on the Academic Calendar it mentions something about readings during finals. I was wonder what these were and what the general academic requirements are. Also, I'd just like some cool little tidbits about it if ya got any :-).
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