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Kenyon College
Where We Arrive Children and Leave Adults
hey everyone... i'm actually absurdly excited to have found the… 
15th-Apr-2006 10:03 pm
diner, beauty
hey everyone...
i'm actually absurdly excited to have found the kenyon college community (it's the end of my spring break and i'm getting a little stir crazy, okay?) and i just wanted to say hello, because i'm going to kenyon next year and i am so thrilled. i finally decided, after agonizing for weeks (well, months, if you count the entire college process as one long excerise in agonizing) and i'm just really excited. so thank you to any of you i might have bumped into without knowing it when i visited earlier this week, because everyone i met was friendly and welcoming in this really refreshing way, and i decided that that is what i want to be around for the next four years.

so, i ramble, i know. but thanks, and...hello, i guess.
(oh, my name is sonia, by the way.)
16th-Apr-2006 05:47 am (UTC)
Hey Sonia!

Man, spring break seems so long ago to me. We had ours at the beginning of March - I think we've been back for four weeks now. Now is definitely better weather for a spring break, though. 85 degrees? Blue skies? Amazing.

Congratulations on deciding on Kenyon! I'll be a senior next year, so I'm supposed to know something about some things (lol). Shoot questions my way if you have any. Welcome to the Hill!

- Caiti
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