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Hello, everyone! My name is Amanda, and I will be attending Kenyon… 
15th-Mar-2006 06:16 pm
Hello, everyone! My name is Amanda, and I will be attending Kenyon College next year. I fell in love with Kenyon very early on, and this love was reaffirmed when I visited the campus a few months ago. I remember feeling like I was walking in England!

I was somewhat skeptical about getting accepted at Kenyon, considering its reputation for being a selective college. I applied ED2 and received my acceptance letter about a month ago. Even then, I didn't want to get my hopes up, because there was no way I could pay for tuition without financial help! Very luckily, I received a considerable amount of financial aid.

I have no idea what to expect at Kenyon in terms of the courseload, but in the ideal situation, I would be double-majoring in Modern Languages and Literatures (studying German and Russian) and mathematics, with a minor in music.

A lot of my questions have already been answered in previous entries, but there is one burning question in my mind. Whenever I tell people that I will be attending Kenyon, a frequent reaction is, "Oh, you're probably going to have to get used to being around spoiled, rich kids." Now, inevitably, I'm sure there will be some students there who are very well-off. But do I need to be worried about this?

Someone told me that there are a lot of vegetarians on campus. (Though, frankly, I don't know what "a lot" is defined as.) Personally, I am not a vegetarian, but I'm just curious if there is any truth to this.

Thank you in advance for any information you could offer!
28th-Mar-2006 02:29 am (UTC) - I think this is my first comment on this community...
I'm a junior at Kenyon doubling in math and classics with a minor in anthropology, so I wholeheartedly support your daring plans, but make sure to take other classes that you might not have considered before. I never would have dreamt that I'd end up in love with archaeology or actually majoring in Latin, but there it is.

You don't need to be worried about being around spoiled rich kids. A lot of people at Kenyon are very well-off, but even I, definitely not a rich kid and even worse, from the deep South where there is no such thing as manners, have had trouble distinguishing some of the social class differences. Most people at Kenyon get along well regardless of financial status.

It seems like there are a lot of vegetarians on campus to me, but maybe that's just because I like meat a lot and they're really loud about wanting more things without meat. I personally find it hard to get variety with meat her, but it's not that big a deal.

Enough procrastinating for me. Back to my project...
30th-Mar-2006 03:00 pm (UTC) - Re: I think this is my first comment on this community...
Thank you very much for your comment; it was very helpful, and you told me just what I needed to know!

How to you feel about the math teachers at Kenyon? I've had a phenomenal math teacher for the past three years, and I've heard horror stories about college math teachers. Which math courses have you enjoyed the most? Also, what do you plan to do with your degree in mathematics?
30th-Mar-2006 03:56 pm (UTC) - Long response
The math professors here are fantastic! The dept is really personal. Some examples:
Sunday night I was sick and in the computer lab. My professor for my morning class, who has a 4-week-old son, came through and got very excited about how many people were there working on things together. I told her I'd be missing her class to go to the doctor, and she went right then and made a copy of the handout I'd be missing. Another one, when I emailed him to let him know I might be too sick to make it to class, replied encouraging me to get well soon. I've seen him and at least one other math prof down at the lab in the evening, well after they were done with classes, and even though it was late and at least one of them has a family, each was going around helping students with work, even if it wasn't for his class.

I enjoyed differential equations best. Really there haven't been any math classes I've hated, even when they've gotten hard. They've all been interesting to me sooner or later, and there's no lack of enthusiasm (or help, thankfully) from the professors. I guess some others that stand out are complex analysis and abstract algebra, and a lot of us are looking forward to geometry in the fall.

I'm not the typical math major in terms of what I'm doing after I graduate. I know some are going to work for financial firms or banks or to grad school. One of our seniors this year is headed to Harvard next year to do astrophysics with a very nice stipend. I'm hoping to go on in archaeology, but if that doesn't work out I'm thinking about teaching high school math. No matter what, I hope to keep tutoring math.

Are you going to be visiting Kenyon again this year? If you do, I recommend you try to meet with one of the math professors. I'd be happy to give you a few names if you'd rather not pick one at random from the faculty list.
2nd-Apr-2006 04:48 am (UTC)
Well, this is a bit of a late response, I'm aware. I plead as my defense the fact that we were on spring break when you posted. :)

As far as your one burning question goes: Yes, there are some rich kids here. But there are also definitely kids (like me) who don't have much more than two dimes to rub together. I'm the oldest in a one-income household with nine kids, and I work two campus jobs for spending money. The crux of the issue for me is that you aren't generally very aware of money issues. Yes, I'm sometimes aware that one of my friends is going to the Caribbean for her spring break, or that one of the guys in my study group orders pizza all the time without thinking anything of it. But hey - it's like that in life too. I think we're a pretty healthy mix. :)

I think the vegetarian community is described as "a lot" because they tend to be vocal. I'm a vegetarian (although not very vocal), and I wouldn't describe the campus as being overrun by people like me. I think people have a heightened awareness of us because last year there weren't many vegetarian options, so some of the vegetarians (and vegans) made their opinions known. Now that the food's better, I don't hear much about it.

And as for your majors - it's funny, but one of my friends is a double major in math and MLL (Spanish/Russian). It's definitely do-able. I'm a history honors/music double major with a Russian minor. The Russian department is an intimate, friendly place, so I'm sure I'll see you around when you get here. If you have any questions about the department (or anything else), let me know!
28th-Apr-2006 01:03 am (UTC)
I realize that my response is also very late! Thank you for your comment -- you've been a great help!

I do have a new question, though. I have recently become a vegetarian. Since you are also a vegetarian, I was wondering if you could describe what kinds of vegetarian options are available at Kenyon. I'd appreciate it!
28th-Apr-2006 12:34 pm (UTC)

I rarely go to breakfast, but here are the vegetarian options: eggs, oatmeal, potatoes, fresh fruit, bagels, bread, cold cereals, and some baked goods (coffee cake, donuts, etc.)

Lunch: There are always two soups available, of which 90% of the time one is meat-based, and one vegetarian. The vegetarian one could range from tomato to veggie to split pea to squash...you get the idea. Then every day there are veggie burgers - I think Morningstar and one other bran Then there's a pasta bar, which is about 75% of the time with a vegetarian sauce. And a salad bar. And fresh fruit. And the stir-fry bar, to which you can take anything in the dining hall and they'll stir-fry it for you. There's also cooked vegetables and french fries. Oh, and there's deli sandwiches. And veggie pizza. And the international bar is sometimes vegetarian. And they sometimes do spinach quiche. And I know I'm forgetting stuff, but you get the idea. :)

Dinner is about the same as lunch.

Oh, and there's always tofu available.

If you have a question about a specific food, let me know. Hope this helps!
18th-Jul-2006 11:58 pm (UTC)
Hi there! So you want to do German and Russian, eh? That happens to be one of my majors (the other is classics). I think you might have posted on my LJ several months ago, but I deleted all my pre-summer posts...oops :-P Anyway, if you want any help/advice or just want to talk, LJ me or email: fisheram@kenyon.edu (My name is Alison, by the way). Oh, and are you going to be in Intro Russian? Cause I'm one of the ATs for that class this year. :-)
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